Meet ethanks

the first DAO that gives value to good actions.

Proof of Value

Good actions should always be rewarded.

ethanks allows people to be rewarded for their good actions and to receive ethanks tokens based on the donations made towards non-profit organizations.

ethanks goal is to incentivize donations to charity by creating a virtuous and decentralized autonomous organization that will operate around the globe.

How it works

Participate in Social Causes

The ethanks project is based on a token, the tnks token, that is created to reward people for their support to social causes.

All the ethanks in circulation will be generated by donations made within the ethanks platform.

When users donate to their favorite campaign they will trigger the ethanks campaign to mint some ethanks and to send those ethanks to the wallet who made the donation as a reward for their good action. User donations will be made directly to the Non-Profit connected wallet.

You can buy social collectibles

Collectibles are pieces of art created to support global or local social causes.

They can be airdropped to early donors for specific campaigns or purchased in a direct auction made by the ethanks foundation itself.

Express your gratitude

Every good thing that you find in your daily life needs to be rewarded with some gratitude.

Ethanks allows you to express gratitude towards other people with the tnks token.

You can exchange tnks in order to reward people around you, from article writers to a discord mod that you appreciate.


All the ethanks tokens will be generated by user donations. Initial allocation will be generated by users who donate to the ethanks 1st campaign. All the future campaigns will generate new ethanks with a maximum supply of 1 billion of ethanks.

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Future Campaigns


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