Agritech Talk, CEFA e Collective Community Actions first ethanks charity Partners

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We are Happy to announce the first ethanks charity partners:


AgriTechTalk Africa

AgriTechTalk Africa is a Uganda registered international NGO. The organization obtained the permit to operate in Uganda in 2015 under the name of Agritechtalk Uganda and later on, in 2017, it was renamed Agritechtalk Africa and obtained the certificate of registration for Uganda (N.11642 ) as an international NGO. The organization has a broad range of global experience and skills relating to the design, management and appraisal of a diversity of agricultural/food security projects and programmes in East Africa and other developing countries. AgriTechTalk brings a wealth of experience in the field of livestock, crop and food security assessments (using the Pictorial Evaluation Tools – PET), situation reviews, major studies of agricultural production and markets, emergency and post-emergency support programmes, extension / training advice and technology transfer to agricultural projects, irrigated fodder and cereal production systems. ATTA is currently implementing project in Uganda (Karamoja), Kenya, Somalia and Sudan strengthening food security and livelihood in rural communities and supporting the government to strengthen their Food Security monitoring systems.


CEFA (European Committee for Training and Agriculture) is a non-governmental organization funded in 1972, and working in Kenya since 1994 in the sustainable agriculture and human right sectors. The objective of CEFA is to support developing communities around the world to reach food self-sufficiency as well as access to basic fundamental rights such as water, health, education, gender equality, and respect of human rights. The purpose of CEFA is to promote a sustainable development and ownership of the projects from the communities, encouraging local population to be the protagonist of their change and supporting them through technical trainings.

CEFA has a regional office in Kenya, where it is currently implementing programs around food security and diversified livelihood through value chain approach, production and marketing of coffee, as well as a human right program to support access to basic rights of incarcerated people. The regional office in Nairobi is as well implementing programs in Somalia, in the food security, date value chain and WASH sector.


Collective Community Action – CCA is a local organization registered as a trust in Kenya in 2012, working on the implementation of development projects in the most marginalized areas of Nairobi and Northern Kenya.

The Mission for CCA is the improvement of the most marginalized lives in rural areas and for the conservation of their environment.

The CCA strategy is based on the promotion of sustainable livelihood opportunities with focus on climate smart agriculture, forestry, livestock and bee-keeping. CCA promotes a rational and efficient use of all the locally available resources, in order to minimize the impact to the environment and achieve sustainability of the system. Furthermore, CCA invests in capacity building of local committees at village level aimed at strengthening the people’s ability to work together and enabling the local communities to fully play their role in the development and environmental protection of their areas. The beneficiaries are pastoralist and agro-pastoralist communities in Samburu County.

They will take care of the creation of the 1st ethanks campaign social project. We’ll release soon updates on the project.

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