Logo Special Credits

I was searching on the web for inspiration and I found your art piece logo. It was perfect for the ethanks purpose. A “T” and a “S” – first and last letter of ” thanks” word – crossing each other to form a Heart. Dude, you created the logo of eThanks without even know it. I fell in love with it. We could have copied the concept, tricking some changes, but why? It’s perfect as it is so I couldn’t do anything but use it. I’m taking all responsibility for that. I tried to contact you, Vadim, in order to talk to you but without any answer – as you can see from the image attached. I really would be glad if you could accept the fact and accept 10000 ethanks, to thank you for the awesome work you’ve created. Ethanks that I will reserve and store for you to redeem whenever you want. They will be safe into the ethanks foundation and may be redeemed just from you personally. Please contact me.

Giuliano Maria Lodi to Vadim Carazan