How Campaigns Works

The ethanks project is based on a token, the tnks token, that is created to reward people for their support to social causes. All the ethanks in circulation will be generated by donations made within the ethanks platform. When a new campaign is created the ethanks governance will set up a maximum ethanks that can be generated by the campaign itself. 

New Campaigns

When the NGO receives a donation through the ethanks platform the user will receive newly generated ethanks, created by the campaign itself, while the NGO will receive the donated amount directly into their wallet, minus the platform fee that will be allocated to the ethanks foundation wallet.

The donors can then use their ethanks as they wish for example sending them to other people or trading them on the market.

Campaigns Time Frame

Every ethanks campaign has a due date. The earlier you donate the more tnks token you’ll receive with the same amount donated.

Remember, you are not purchasing ethanks when participating in Social Causes.

You are supporting it and as a reward, you will receive the ethanks tokens. To thank you for your good action.

You will be able to purchase ethanks tokens also on DEX/CEX platforms but eventually at a different price compared to the ethanks platform.


An extra gift for early donors

Ethanks created a system that incentivizes early donations. The more time passes the fewer ethanks you’ll receive with the same amount donated.

But we want to incentivize early donors even more by manually airdropping to a limited number of fortunate people a dedicated NTF for any campaign ethanks will publish.


Donation Redistribution:

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To the NGO Wallet
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To the Foundation Wallet