ethanks Roadmap

Can we reach 1 Billion USD in Social Causes?

ethanks is a decentralized charity organization that helps people get rewarded for their good actions.

Ethanks mission is to incentivize the charity toward non-profit organizations. The entire total supply of ethanks has the only goal to reward people for their good actions. We, as ethanks foundation, are the guarantors of this mission.

As soon as the entire ethanks total supply will completely be generated by users’ donations we’ll achieve our first goal:
make the ethanks foundation completely autonomous.

We want to bring, at the same time, crypto to the average person by creating an ecosystem where gratitude and positive feelings are accepted as necessary drivers for positive change.




Some future developments

One of the ethanks development activities on the pipeline is the possibility to create an off-chain layer that allows users to send ethanks tokens to each other by linking the property of social media accounts to blockchain wallets. 

All the ethanks tokens in circulations will always be unlocked by good actions. This makes ethanks a token with a positive and emotional intrinsic value. In the future people will be able to appreciate the ethanks value even more and who knows, also traditional activities could accept it as an asset for exchanges. 

Are you interested in being part of the project?

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