Do you want to become an ethanks sponsor?

The world will thank you, and we as well!

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How to become a sponsor?

Sponsors will be the ones who will add liquidity to the project. How does it work? A minimum of 10.000 BUSD will be needed in order to participate in the ethanks sponsorship program. 

To be our sponsor you will need to participate in a liquidity pool on DEX exchanges and lock your liquidity tokens for at least 90 days. As soon as you present us your locked liquidity tokens the ethanks sponsorship program will start and you will be able to benefit from it.

What will you earn?

With ethanks sponsorship program, your money is helping the project to grow, but you’re helping your wallet too.

When the time for your locked liquidity runs out you’ll be able to redeem your liquidity with all the fees earned from all the transactions made into that pool you provided liquidity for. All the fees will be yours forever and also the ethanks that were paired initially. 

Ethanks Sponsors will also have a dedicated space on the ethanks website and within all the activities/events the ethanks foundation will promote in the future. 

The all world will thank you!

Why Locked Liquidity?

To be accepted as ethanks sponsor your liquidity will need to be locked for at least 90 Days. 

This will grant safety for the people who will make transactions within the liquidity pool you’re supporting.

Ethanks Sponsors

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Revealed Soon

Revealed Soon

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