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Giuliano Maria Lodi


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Enrico Adinolfi


Marco Marani


Tyler McWilliams

Blockchain Development

Abdullah Mateen

Full Stack Development

Shaheryar Abid

Frontend Development

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Fausto Della Villa

Graphic Design

Sara Andreozzi

Visual Design

Adriano D'Elia

3D Art

Carmelo Roberto

Institutional Relationships

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Sergio Innocente

Humanitarian and Development Expert

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Dario De Lisi

Institutional Relationships

Ethanks Governance

The ultimate ethanks goal is to become completely autonomous and to allow token holders to vote for social campaigns to be added to the ethanks platform.

Ethanks smart contracts and funds, at the state of the work, are owned by a Gnosis Safe that will allow the founding members to vote for creating new Social Campaigns and managing decisions.

Foundation Wallet:


How ethanks DAO will work

Ethanks future governance will be formed by: 

  1. Ethanks Founders Council
  2. Ethanks Sponsor Council
  3. Token Holders

The ethanks founder council
is formed by founding members of the ethanks foundation.

The ethanks sponsor council is formed by people who decide to participate in the ethanks capital by creating ethanks liquidity on DEXs and staking their liquidity token into the ethanks platform.

The token holders are will also have the possibility to vote with a weight on the number of ethanks in possession.



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